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Appeal resolutions:
When a foreigner has been sanctioned in Spain because he has committed a mild, serious or very serious offence (Foreign Law, art. 52-54) and is not in Spain but in his/her country of origin, he may appeal the corresponding resolutions, both at the administrative and at the jurisdictional level, by means of the corresponding diplomatic or consular representations, which will refer you to the competent organisation.

Spanish embassies have the obligation of informing students who wish to further their studies in Spain, about AECI's (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional/Spanish Agency of International Collaboration) mobility programs, to put them in contact with that institution and provide those students with the corresponding application imprints. They also have to exhibit openings at the announcements boards of the diplomatic representations, consular offices, cultural centres and technical offices of cooperation of Spain in the countries included in the area of those openings. Another obligation is that of notifying the resolution for scholarships and courses granted by the AECI to those interested and who have been selected, in a period not superior to six months from the date of publishing of the opening concerned. Yet another one of its functions is to take care of the formalities for the student's visa, which is necessary to be able to enjoy this scholarship, for those who have applied to it (base 10.3).

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