Foreign Law (4/4)

Art. 11.- Syndicates and strikes:
This article is also considered unconstitutional by some social and political sectors. It forbids the freedom to join a syndicate or a professional organisation and the right of to strike for workers who do not possess the stay card, residence and work permit.

Art. 13.- Aids for housing:
The right to have access to the public system of aids for housing in the same conditions that for Spaniards, is only for immigrants who possess the residence card.

Art. 15.- Taxes:
Although not all foreigners have the same rights regarding work, they have the same duties to pay taxes. In this respect, there is no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

Art. 46.- Employment contract:
A businessman cannot force a foreigner worker to pay for the granting, renewal or modification of the work contract. The foreign worker has the right to be exempted from this expenses, and that they are paid by the company.

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